You know, the closure of City of Heroes has affected me in a way I didn't really think it would, considering I haven't played it in ages. And I think the reason for that is, it was my first MMO, and I really put a lot of effort into the characters I made for it, creating unique looks, gimmicks, and back stories for them, and now, all of that is going to just wash away when they bring those servers down for the last time. So I figured I'd share their stories:

The Devolutionary (Energy/Elec Blaster)

Inspired by: Listening to a lot of DEVO music

Born in a future where mankind has devolved into little more than corporate drones, DVO-8447 stole a powerful artifact called the Energy Dome and used it to travel back in time, hoping to prevent his horrible future from coming to pass. He now uses the powers granted by the Dome to fight against the forces of the Crey Corporation, who he believes eventually become The Corporation that holds his hellish future under its bootheel.


Papa Ghede (Dark/Dark Defender)

Inspired by: A wrestler from the '90s named Papa Shango

A nameless thief, on the run from the law, made a misstep and drowned in the swamps of Louisiana. His life was saved by the loa Papa Ghede, but not without a price: Papa Ghede now rides the thief's body, acting to right the wrongs the thief did in his previous life.


Reality Man (Rifle/Devices Blaster)

Inspired by: The reality TV boom

The Paragon Network wanted a reality show about superheroes, but they couldn't find a hero to star in the new program. So they grabbed Mike the intern, shoehorned him into a suit of molded rubber body armor (complete with Bat-nipples), handed him an assault rifle and a camera drone, and told him to go off and find some villains to fight. The ever-dutiful Mike complied, and his heroic adventures now air every Wednesday at 9PM on Paragon City channel 8.


So, those were my CoH characters. Why not tell us about yours?

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